Hand-Woven Designer Camera Straps For Every Photographer

All you photographers out there! Does your camera strap look dull, worn out with the leather sweating the time and comfort out of your skin? Yes, they may be durable, but can they be more? Well, KIKI camera straps answer these questions fashionably. Made for every professional photographer, these cool, fashionable, and functional cloth camera straps might make you think of bidding bye to the conventional ones.      

They were created by photographer Kishor Krishnamoorthi from India, the founder of the photo journal Concorde Zine, who got tired of boring-looking uncomfortable camera straps and wanted to create one that he could use as a fashion accessory, changing it regularly to match his wardrobe. The result is KIKI camera straps, made with a durable hand-woven cotton fabric.


  1. Made with traditional hand-woven cotton fabric
  2. Expandable width eases pressure on neck and shoulder
  3. 12 unique patterns at launch with more coming
  4. Withstands 100kgs/220lbs of load
  5. Breathable sweat absorbent material that aids both in hot and cold conditions
  6. Vegetable tanned leather corners 
  7. Easily washable by hand
  8. Compatible with all DSLRs and mirrorless cameras
  9. Houses a small cotton pouch that can hold memory cards
  10. Eco-friendly and recyclable cloth fabric

In the launch version now they are available in two fabrics – Pochampally ikat and block print fabric, with 12 patterns on each. “The vision of KIKI is to rethink the way we use traditional fabrics. Skilled artisans from the native handicraft community here make all these stunning materials and designs. I am truly excited at being able to integrate them into the wardrobe of photographers worldwide,” says Kishor Krishnamoorthi.

In terms of improvement, it will be nice to see double straps coming from KIKI, which will benefit wedding photographers who often shoot with more than one camera. 

Kishor has also started a crowdfunding campaign with each strap priced between $40 to $50. Check it out. With enough support, he aims to scale the production and launch across the retail stores.