All the Things We’re Digging at the New Chillhouse Flagship

You might be familiar with Chillhouse from the home tour we did with the founders last year. Or perhaps you’ve made your way to the Lower East Side for a wellness latte and a manicure. Either way, the spa known as a “destination for modern self-care” just expanded. The new SoHo flagship location officially opened for business and the 3,200-square-foot space is a serious feast for the eyes. Founder Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton learned a lot from the original oft-Instagrammed downtown hot spot. And you can tell from all the major upgrades at Chillhouse 2.0 that she’s ready to build an empire.

In just a couple of years (the first location opened in 2017), it’s amazing what Cyndi and her partner (in life and business), Adam Fulton, have done. For the latest iteration, they teamed up once again with architect Jeffrey White of Ecology Architecture Urbanism and online home improvement retailer Check out our favorite elements the team dreamed up for New York’s newest relaxation oasis.

A definite palette

“As far as design goes, the colors and shapes are very important to us,” says Cyndi. “We started with a fresh palette and concept, and want to bring those to our future stores.” The brand’s identity is apparent in everything from the brass elements to the globe lights to the peachy-pink hues. “We have one main color but it’s still movable and adaptable. The Lower East Side was a huge learning curve,” says Cyndi, referring to her downtown baby. “We’ve edited from there with new ideas.” If anything, the interiors of the new space are more refined.

Seating takes center stage

We have to take a personal moment to gush about the fact that our very own Clever x UO bench is prominently displayed at the front of the spa. Cyndi agrees: “That was like the epitome of a statement piece—a favorite piece.” Another good element: the stadium seating in the waiting area/cafe space. “Every area has its own special moment,” says Cyndi. She and the team were conscious of making sure the particular feature wouldn’t dirty easily. It’s details like these that were considered with more care a second time around.

Different vibes for different destinations

“Our nail area is so bright and airy—it will draw people in,” says Cyndi. “Even though we’re near the Holland Tunnel, the pedicure area is close to this special street that cars can’t go down, so it’s very peaceful and zen.” Depending on the service you’re getting, the different zones in Chillhouse really change. “The massage area is so wild to me,” Cyndi adds. “The glowing purple neon sign is like six feet tall. It gives me Euphoria vibes.”

A juxtaposition of chaos and chill

It’s not the easiest task to find a quiet space in New York City. No matter where you are, there’s likely a far-off siren in the background, a beeping truck, and an array of voices. The corner where Chillhouse is located is no stranger to chaos (three major streets surround the building). Still, Cyndi kind of likes the power the space has inside. “I love the juxtaposition between the chaos of the outside and the chill inside,” she says. “We get it, we’re with you, but here’s a place to come no matter the state you’re in.”

Layers of gems

Jeff, the architect, notes that the different zones are like layers of decompression, “layers to get you away from the street.” He made it a point to show off the transition from room to room with differing ceiling heights, breaking into different scales and aesthetics. “The way you walk through the space accentuates that,” he adds. Tucked in the back of the oasis is a spa area with an infrared sauna, a shower, and a changing area. “We did a fully custom sauna with recessed light—the light comes from above and below, which is very atmospheric,” Jeff says. “I hope that it becomes this unique gem of the space.”

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